Why Pet Sitting?
How Does It Work?
How Does It Work?
Before you travel, Kathleen and Scottie (the owners and only sitters) will come over to meet you and your animals free of charge.They will go over your pets' routine and take a "tour" to identify all the essentials required for proper care. They will also take possesion of the house key at this time.

When you are away on your trip, one of them will visit your house a predetermined number of times each day to care for your animals. Visits last a minimum of 20 minutes, but generally average a half hour (depending on scheduling). Your pet will be fed, walked and loved. Medications will be administered if needed.

In addition to animal care, your mail and newspaper will be retrieved, lights will be rotated on and off and house security will be checked as needed. These measures help to serve as a crime deterrent when you are away.

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